Rolex Replica Sale

I was looking on your website and was wanted to replace the faulty watch that I bought with the Rolex Replica Submariner 116619LB, SWISS rolex Replica ETA 2836-2 Automatic Blue Ceramic Bezel Blue Dial. I request the SWISS model rather than the ASIA movement. The price is the same as the one that I purchased earlier. $329.00 not $99.99 model. Respectfully, Brent After careful consideration, I decided to return the Rolex Replica to exchange for another one. The one you ship me avchanel1038 is 5.08cm larger than indicated on the web site which is too big for me. The one I would like to get is Model: archanel1067 which is the same price as the one I just purchased with the credit from the first Rolex Replica. Since I have bought more than one Rolex Replica from you and will continue to do so, what will be my cost of returning the bag avchanel1038 for an exchange of archanel1067. There should no additional charge for the Rolex Replica uk because the price is the same. Keep in mind that you only charge me $209 the last time because you owe me the $30 credit from the first bag so I should still have that credit. So please give me the cost of the shipping charge. Thank you.